A road to the world


Photo by Simeon Enebeli

Regular photo gallery is here 

Play rehearsal gallery is here

Hi, all! This is Mr. Daichi. I enjoy my teaching experience at  S.A.B.S so much! I know all of you enjoy everyday, but we also enjoy classes as much as you guys enjoy! Everyday is so special to me !

The show’s rehearsal has been great! I am so proud of all casts for memorizing long story line and acting. It is an extremely hard work to learn new skills in English.

Although my first language is not English, I use English in most of my life now. I would say more than 95 percent of time. However, I was studying English like S.A.B.S students and trying to be better everyday. After I came to U.S and started to use English, my whole life got changed. I met so many friends and  started learn a lot of new information which I was not able to know with my first language. And the biggest thing is that  I started connecting with the world through English I have met many people from different countries and made connections.  All of S.A.B.S student are on this road like I have been doing.

You are connected with the world!  I am so proud of all of you!

Daichi Yamamoto



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