Thought in raining day

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What crazy rain!! Sunu Thiossane has been in Senegal almost 2 weeks. Today, we have hit intense rain storm. Streets are flooded from morning. Some of street lost even sidewalk . Heavy traffic is all over the city in rush hour. But Sunu Thiossane students came to S.A.B.S with big smile and studied academic and rehearsed for our 3rd annual showcase. I am so amazed how talented our students are. I am so happy to see how dedicated they are. When I see our students’ eye are shining with their passion and love for dance, sports or acting, it makes me almost cry. So beautiful. I can’t wait to see what miracle will happen on a stage on September 2nd.


The students are doing great! The shy ones are coming out of their shells. We have mastered the art of combining academics and summer fun.

Samba Mboup, CNP

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