Artist Feature: Ken Aicha Sy & Wakh’Art

Picture1Ken Aicha Sy was born and raised in Senegal, mixed with a French-Martinique mother and Senegalese father: known as Ken to her friends and Akya to her readers. Ken is a Designer turned cultural blogger. Wakh’Art is her baby, a cultural platform that uses the art as a factor of development, as well as shine light on artists and the culture in Senegal.

Ken is passionate about the culture in Senegal which stems from her parents, her father is a Painter and her mother a Journalist. She combined both of her parents’ world to create Wakh’Art. She defines her world as a predetermination by her parents.

She started engaging with one, then two, then three and then 10 artists where she recorded the conversations and documented in her blog. Wakh’Art gained national as well as international readers intrigued by her content. The blog was born from the claim of “Senegalese people not know their own culture and the activist within it.”

She launched Wakh’Art Music with her partner, Moulaye, 4 years ago, a music label that signed 3 artists and manages a music group.

Ken’s mission is to expand the knowledge of the Senegalese and African culture within the diaspora in order to educate the world about the engaging and vibrant art and culture that can be found in Senegal and within Africa.”



Our mission

We want to make Wakh’Art, the cultural platform, a prism which emanates the Senegalese culture. We believe it is important to highlight the talents and creations of artists and craftsmen of the Senegalese cultural scene. We believe in the cultural riches we possess here in Senegal. We are confident that with these emerging and strong cultural industries, Senegal will arrive at an important level of development and thus Senegalese youth will be entitled to a stable and full of promise future within the cultural world that drives our economy froward.


Our vision

We want to make Wakh’Art a truly sustainable business. This desire is reflected in our daily work method and our vision what the “art as a development factor”. We pay particular attention to media coverage of cultural content and development of this sector. We invest in culture and we support artists and artisans in their development. Wakh’Art investors are guaranteed to support a company that is sustainable and has a strong future. Wakh’art is already a reference for many. However, we have the will to go further so Wakh’Art become a world reference in terms of culture in Senegal and more generally in Africa.

Our values

At Wakh’Art, we are committed to sustainable growth. In our work we emphasize the interest of our company and our partners, while respecting the fundamental principles. In everything we do, we strive for honesty, sincerity, fairness and integrity.

We see ourselves as individuals and as a company responsible for everything we do. We think we should continue to deserve the trust received. We are further strengthening our collaboration in setting a good example and providing a solid and steady qualitative work.

We respect its fundamental principles:

  • The training of artists and actors of the Senegalese culture.
  • Finding solutions for issues related to emerging cultural industries.
  • Highlighting artists and their creations.
  • The establishment of an art market through the sale of products of art and local crafts, which we are proud.
  • knowledge sharing and knowledge faires.
  • The development of cultural tourism in the continent and to the rest of the world.
  • Honesty, sincerity and transparency in everything we do.
  • Creating a “win-win” situation in which the diversity of people has its place.

Website :

Wakh’Art Facebook :

Instagram:@ wakhart


Wakh’Art Music Label, twitter:@wakhartmusic



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