First Day in Dakar!

Photo from filming at TFM (Télé Futurs Medias). Dakar, Senegal

Hi Everyone! Yesterday, July 25, was my first full day here in Dakar. I arrived early in the morning at about 1 am and Mamedjarra picked me up from the airport (so good to see her)! We crashed right away because we had to wake up early for her interview on TFM (Télé Futurs Medias), check out the feature here. We met Baidy Ba, one of our dance teaching artists at the station. The filming was a long process, most of which I didn’t understand because it was in Wolof and French but it was so great to be there and be part of the expereince. Mamedjarra was featured so she could talk about Sunu Thiossane and encourage people to get in touch with us about sending their kids to camp. TFM will be running our TV announcement over the coming weeks to promote our work.

Below you can see the spot yourself! Or click here.

From there we were non-stop, running around the city. I finally got to meet Djibril and Filly, our Communications Director, who I’ve been communicating with for a few weeks now. We picked up Jennifer, anther one of our teaching artists from the airport, and then went off apartment hunting. It was a long day of walking on busy streets, tasting new food, and meeting lots of new and inspiring people. Not speaking French is challenging but I am hoping more and more of it will sink in. As for Wolof, I will do my best but no promises on becoming fluent!

Today we have a bit of down time but things are going to really get off the ground tomorrow with our first staff meeting. Please note, we are still trying to meet our Go Fund Me goal. All the help we can get is so so appreciated and we ask that you share the link/donate here: So far all of the generous donations have been an incredibly big help to us and we can’t thank you enough for all of your support. With the remaining funds we are hoping to purchase some art supplies for camp.

Will post updates and more info as it comes in!

Mangi dem/Au revoir/Goodbye for now!




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