Sunu Thiossane Summer Camp starts TODAY!!!!

I can hardly believe it but camp starts TODAY! I’ve been in Dakar for a week now and have the feeling that I’ve been here for ever and also that every day I experience something new. A lot of our posts recently have been frantic and vague because we really have been so busy. I wanted to break things down a bit more so you can get a sense of why we have so much going on.

Currently the Sunu Thiossane team is putting together:

  • 4 week English Immersion Summer Camp
  • A short fiction film based on the problem of the Talibes here in Senegal
  • A short documentary on Arts Administrators, leaders, and influences here in the city

So as you can imagine, that’s not a small task but the truth is, I really think we are going to get it all done. Today we actually took a trip to Pekine for a Mamedjarra’s family gathering and while there we got our fortunes’ told. The seer told us a lot (some things were incredibly accurate, e.g. that someone recently told me to throw out some chicken—which is totally TRUE) but out of everything she said, the thing that stuck with me most is that our project is going to be successful. Even when we’ve all been running on only a few hours of sleep sometimes it takes just a little bit of faith in yourself, your team, and your work that things are going to fall into place in a beautiful way.

I can’t write for too long because we have to be at SABS soon and we have to be ready for the kids! So far, we’ve been lucky to have people on our side, helping us out and the incredible energy of this city pushing us along. Soon you can look forward to posts from our teaching artists, teaching artist bios and highlights, more photos, more fun, and who knows what else!

With love,

Jess (& Djarra)





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