Welcome to Sunu Thiossane 2016 !!!

sunu top

Click here for photos from August 1st 2016.


Sunu Thiossane had a successful showcase at Grand théâtre national de Dakar in 2015. Thank you to all of those who participated in the program.  We all have amazing memories from last year and we are so happy that Sunu Thiossane is back again in 2016!

Sunu Thissane program has started officially at S.A.B.S ( Senegalese American Bilingual School) In Dakar Senegal.

Today, there were various activities on our first day: singing, dancing, art, stepping, theater, and sports. Students came with so much energy and everyone had great time (of course teachers had so much fun too)!

Here is some information about our past showcases.

2013 ; There is no home like Senegal at Grand théâtre national de Dakar


2014; Hiphopera at Théâtre national Daniel-Sorano


2015 ; Tukki Taxul Nga Teki at Grand théâtre national de Dakar


In 2016 , Sunu Thiossane, will have our premier film production. More information will be posted soon.

Merci beaucoup!

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