New Artist Feature is up!

Check out our newest Artist Feature: Fatou Kande Senghor!

A few weeks back we met with Fatoumata Bintou KANDE at her incubator space, Waru Studios. Her presence and energy was palpable around every corner and with every word she spoke. She kindly allowed us to interview her for our documentary project on arts & culture here in Dakar* and we wanted to do a brief feature on her. However, our feature barely scratches the surface on her work and influence both locally and globally. We are sure that this page will continue to develop but we wanted to put this information out there ASAP!

All members of the Sunu Thiossane team left this interview shaken, moved, and inspired to do relevant and creative work that shifts our thinking and creates space for informed, creative, and powerful voices to be heard. Fatou talked a great deal about how the arts and working within the arts is something that chose her, not an active decision she made. It was inevitable and we’d say we have to agree with her on that, if only our feature could do her justice.


Sunu Thiossane/Baruch College Interns


*more on this to come!

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