Women’s Empowerment at Sunu 2017

Women’s empowerment (n): the increase in the overall position, condition, and status of women in every sphere of life.

This increase in access includes, but is not limited to, opportunities such as:

Gender Equality diagram-page-001

  • Education
  • Safety
  • Access to childcare
  • Vocational training (learning job-specific skills)
  • Equal pay
  • Holding political positions
  • Mentorship
  • Freedom to demand gender equality

Empowering women means empowering humanity. When equal support is given to women and men, the result is a more developed and stable society. With greater access to education for young girls, we will have more women graduating from college, more doctors and artists, more writers and engineers, more teachers, dancers, and lawyers, and more mothers who in-turn encourage an education for their daughters.

Where are all the women in art history?

Left to right: Portrait of Dora Maar, Picasso; Woman in Green, Matisse; Girl with a Pearl Earring, Vermeer

For centuries, women have appeared in the artistic and creative scenes as models, muses, and the rare famous artist. While they have been portrayed as beautiful beings in oil paintings, murals, and fashion magazines, there have been many more famous male artists, choreographers, dancers, actors, poets, etc. who have gained recognition for their creative talents than their female counterparts.

Women’s Empowerment at Sunu Thiossane Summer 2017 Arts and English Immersion

This summer, Sunu Thiossane is writing a different history, portraying the powerful creative capabilities of women across time and culture. From July 31 to August 24, our team of teaching artists and students will be reflecting on women’s many roles throughout history. We will be exploring the importance of gender equality through our curriculum, and artistically representing women’s empowerment through visual art, music, dance, and theater. Our different cultural and ethnic backgrounds will diversify our message, and we will strive to create a lens for many others to view the amazing capabilities of women.

Let’s hear from our team: What does it mean to be a woman in contemporary society?

Serigne Mansour Madzoo Fall

“A contemporary woman has not changed per se; she is not outside, from the West, or un-African. She is strong and continuing the past.”

Anna Wolle empowering woman anna

“A contemporary woman of society is a leader at work and at home, someone who defines her own standard of beauty, and a revolutionary who thinks and acts with confidence and passion.”

Kader Diakhaté

“There is something positive that connects all women through history. Even if it’s important for contemporary women to be emancipated, to travel a lot, and so on, there are elements of women throughout history, positive elements, that are important and that have stayed constant.”

Taylor Butts

Lena Inglis

“Women’s empowerment is not comprising my mind, my body, or my spirit for anybody.”

Nawobire ‘Nabz’ Stokes

cont woman Nabz.jpg

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