First Annual Senegalese Art and Education Talent Show Event
June 5 -7, 2020

The Senegalese National Arts and Education Talent show is an opportunity for students to use their artistic and creative skills to perpetuate a national conversation surrounding climate change. This will be a three day event that focuses on the environmental issues of climate change on a local, national, and global scale. Each of the ten selected schools will join forces from June 7- June 9, 2020 to participate in the Environmental Walkathon, Climate Change Conference, and Studio Arts Open House sections of the event as well as the culminating final performing arts Art and Education Talent Show.



How does our work reflect on and respond to the challenges brought on by climate change? What does climate change mean to me? My family? My friends? My culture? My society? My city? My country? My continent? The world? How can we participate in the global conversation around what the future should look like and what we should do in a way that is both inspiring and artistically rewarding?

Using the arts to understand the environment is a way of raising awareness and responding to the globally shared problem of climate change.



The Talent Show:

Students and teachers from each school will be asked to research the topic above and then create an act (dancing, singing, instrumental, martial arts, acrobatics, etc) that reflects the theme. This is a time for students to take what they have been learning in class and on the news and put their incredible creative skills to work.

Each act will audition and one act will be chosen to represent each school. Once the 10 acts are chosen, they will compete in a nationally televised Talent Show that will take place at the National Theatre, for a chance to perform in New York City, USA andattend the MOVE (NYC) summer intensive camp .

The Open House

We encourage all students to participate in this effort, even if their preferred art form is a studio art rather than a performing art. Students can create paintings, drawings, sculptures, etc that reflect the theme and these pieces will be put on display at The Open House for all to see.

The Walkathon

The walkathon will work as a beach cleanup and a way to raise awareness as we make our way across beaches and the city until we finally reach the African Renaissance Monument. More information to come on this at a later date.

The Conference

The conference will feature leading climate change activists who will explain climate change in the context of local, national, and global issues, as well as encourage creative plans for mitigating and dealing with climate change. More information to come on this at a later date.

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