Why a cultural exchange program?

Cultural exchange programs not only propel students to understand the diversity of their host country, but also make them learn how to co-exist with students of that particular country and feel compassion for different communities.

About the Project

ArtsTech and Sunu Thiossane are initiating a pilot Youth Development Cultural Exchange opportunity for students to find life learning skills through art, technology and cultural literacy. This outreach effort would enhance cultural appreciation and learning for all participants.


Our mission is to inspire the youth from both programs to tap into their creative talents, empathy and self-expression through technology and the arts. To also serve as a liaison that can help identify relevant topics such as digital and cultural literacy, community building, education, and cultural exchange.

Purpose for the Cultural Exchange

  •  Participants will be able to showcase their culture, tradition, and language through engaging in activities that offers several art disciplines technology.
  • Students would also exchange traditional gifts and learn life lessons with each other.
  • Participants from both programs can visit their host countries
  • Such exchange programs would give students new experiences and help them in expanding their horizons.
  • With an aim to add quality to education, this program will provide a platform to students for developing life skills.
  • To also foster cross-cultural understanding and collaboration and to demonstrate shared values and aspirations.
  • This Program will also seek to connect with international students who might not otherwise have the opportunity to engage with local students through arts and culture.

About ArtsTech

ArtsTech’s mission is to better the lives of underserved urban youth through the development of artistic, technical, health, and educational skills.

What do ArtsTech and Sunu Thiossane have in common?

Providing opportunities for financially disadvantaged youth to make
better life choices and to excel through the development of artistic
and technical skills