Sunu Thiossane Family

Nabowire Stokes – Sunu Thiossane Staff 2018

Meet Nabowire also known as Miss Nabz. Miss Nabz is originally from Brooklyn, NY and is a professional dancer and teaching artist. A graduate from Howard University with a BA in Theatre and concentration in dance and psychology, this is Miss Nabz’s second year with Sunu Thiossane. She will be teaching English, Modern Dance, and in charge of productions!

Khadim Mbaye – Sunu Thiossane Staff 2018

Meet Senegalese native Khadim Mbaye also down as Dieuwrine Slameur! Khadim is one of the most traditional spoken word artist in Senegal! This is Khadim’s 4th year with Sunu Thiossane teaching our participants Wolof through Slam! 

PAPE SOULEY – Sunu Thiossane Staff 2018

Meet Pap Souley. Pap Souley holds a BFA in Fine Arts concentration in sculpture. Mr. Pap’s work develops the language of sculpture and painting through happenings, installation and wearable objects. As an exploration of devotion, he uses the symbol of the compass to explore a narrative of escapism within “Blackness”. Using suspended disbelief and Utopian/ Dystopian ideas on commodity, he explores exile, abandonment, and transformations of the body through collecting found objects he uses to construct skins, and moving monuments. This is his first year with Sunu and he is honored to be part of this year’s summer camp.

Sky Sealey – Sunu Thiossane Staff 2018

Meet Sky! Sky is an energetic, passionate and thoughtful social-worker-in-training whose interest lies within health education and violence prevention for Black and Latino communities. She is also interested in using yoga and creative writing as a holistic approach to trauma-based care and healing. Sky is beyond excited and grateful to be working with Sunu Thiossane, and hopes to serve the community to her best ability.

F. Ndeye Khady Gaye – Sunu Thiossane Staff 2018

F. Ndeye, also Known as Ms. Bijou, is a West African Professional dancer. She became a teaching artist for Sunu Thiossane in 2016. Ms. Bijou began dancing professionally at the age of 15 and her career and passion for dance has allowed her to perform all over Senegal. She recently performed at the 39th annual Dance Africa at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York. Bijou believes that dancing takes a lot of discipline, patience and technique. She loves the concept of Sunu Thiossane and being a teacher here changed her life.