What makes us unique?

As an organization, we cater specifically to the demographic and ethnic backgrounds of our participants. Our program has been around for 8 years now and we are constantly using development techniques to provide skillsets to our youth. We use our diverse staff, artists, educators, administrators and social workers, to facilitate an inspiring cultural arts program to the inner city youth of Dakar. Our purpose is to empower our participants to embrace their own culture through the arts and science. Only then, will they be able to refine their skills and to benefit their community nationally and internationally.

Why donate?

Every year Sunu Thiossane uses a theme that explores issues that affect Senegalese youth and youth of the African Diaspora through the arts. The theme is used throughout the spring and summer camp in educational and arts based classes.

We are fortunate enough to be invited to facilitate another year of a unique spring & summer cohort hosted by multiple schools and academic institutions, both in Senegal and the United States. This year, we have the privilege of having a cultural program exchange with Arts Exchange in Kansas and Virginia Tech in Virginia.

Where is your money going?

The success of these fundraising activities will go towards the Sunu Thiossane’s staff and youth airfare tickets, art supplies, costumes, general program costs, as well as room and board. Will you assist in making this opportunity come to life? Donate Now!

Will you support our mission?

Donations will be processed via PayPal. For other method inquiries, please contact us at +221 77 261 3309 or via email at sunuthiossanesenegal@gmail.com We appreciate the support and commitment to growing Sunu Thiossane!