Thank you for wanting to make a donation to Sunu Thiossane!

We are currently using in order to accept donations, it’s simple and easy!

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Send a text to the phone number 718-831-6448
  2. The number will reply with simply instructions such as “Please reply with one of these keywords”:
    1. give, update
  3. Respond with the word “give”
  4. You will receive a text that asks you the amount you would like to donate
  5. Follow the link to make your donation!
  6. You will receive an automatic confirmation email as soon as your donation is processed!

Here’s an example of what the conversation may look like:

IMG_0040 copy

IMG_0041 copy

Our work runs on community support and your help so it means so everything helps to make our programs possible!

With Love,

Sunu Thiossane