April 3rd 2019 Play

Location:  Theater Daniel Sorano.

The Program begins immediately after school and proceeds on until students are dismissed from school. The program will begin with an hour and a half of Academic Enrichment (English Immersion and/or STEM) study session with the assistance of tutors and activity specialists. Then continue with two hours of Intensive training in several art disciplines. Activities in team building, leadership through an arts and education curriculum will be offered to our participants. Below is a detailed description about the program. The program will end with a culminating theater production. LCB Musical production will be based on the theme of the Play “There’s No Place Like Home” (an African Rendition of the Oz). The play focuses on a young girl (Dorthanay) from the Harlem who denies her African heritage. When given a history assignment to study her lineage, Dorthanay finds herself in a rut she decides to sleep on it and wakes up in an entirely new world (Africa). Dorthanay Journeys through this unpredictable adventure as she discovers her past, present, and future.