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Sunu Thiossane (pronounced Soo-noo Cho-Sahn) was founded in 2011, and is an arts and academic enrichment youth development agency. We aim to provide high caliber arts training to young people across and within various disciplines. Our purpose is to empower our participants to embrace their own culture through the arts and science.

The Arts and English Immersion of Summer 2017 will include…

  • Arts curriculum based on the theme women’s empowerment
  • English spoken in and out of the classroom
  • A performance with all students and staff on August 24 at the Grand Théâtre 
  • Individual, age-appropriate mentorship
  • A partnership internship program CUNY Baruch College for current masters candidates in the Arts Administration program. Sunu Thiossane has run three successful summer programs in the past but this is the first year of this partnership and we are so excited to launch this pilot study-abroad/internship program!



Sunu Thiossane students, summer 2016

Our 2017 theme: Women’s Empowerment

  • What is the history of woman?
  • What roles have women played throughout history?
  • What does it mean to be an independent woman in contemporary society?

We will spend the month of August 2017 reflecting on these questions and more as we explore the significance of women in society past, present, and future. Students and teachers will work together to create visual art, dance, music, and theater based off of the theme, all of which will culminate in a large production at the Grand Théâtre of Dakar on August 24.

Check out our 2016 program and media:


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  1. Thank you very much Mame Diarra Diop , I attended the presentation of your narrative film and I really like it. Congratulations for your hard work, I wish you the best


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