Sunu Thiossane 2016 Summer Camp

More info on this summer’s program:
Every year Sunu Thiossane uses a theme that explores issues that affect Senegalese youth and youth of the African Diaspora through the arts. The theme is used throughout the summer camp in educational and arts based classes and this year will culminate in the creation of a short film that all students will be a part of. The film with focus on the theme of growing inequality in Dakar and throughout Senegal. Through this lens we will explore the issue of forced begging and human rights abuses against talibés in Senegal. [Click here for more info on this issue.]

The purpose of our project is to provide a memorable experience to the students of the SABS and beyond through all forms of the arts as a tool for cultural empowerment. Throughout the summer students will develop English language skills, and practice the performing, visual, fine arts, and learn skills in filmmaking and media production. As an organization, we cater specifically to the demographic and ethnic backgrounds of our participants.