Sunu Thiossane/Baruch College Study Abroad Internship 2016

Welcome! Bienvenue! Merhbe!

Thanks for joining us on our journey. Here you will be able to follow us as participants in the first year of Baruch College’s partnership with Sunu Thiossane Cultural Arts Academy in Dakar, Senegal!

Be sure to check us out on a few other sites. On this blog you can find links to our Facebook page, Instagram, and Vimeo accounts. We will be posting videos regularly to Vimeo so you can track our progress and see what’s going on.

We are so excited for this journey to begin and want to thank everyone who made it happen. Our generous supporters come from Baruch College, the Sunu Thiossane community, SABS, the Sunu Thiossane board, all of our GoFundMe Campaign donors, the Barcuh Arts Administration M.A. faculty and staff, and all of our friends and family!


“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success